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"It’s always a pleasure to work with people like the ones on PrishanTek’s Team who love what they do!”
                                                                   - Linda Hooks, Owner, La Femme Studio, CA


FLASH – The Extra Edge

Should you decide to use animation as an attention-grabbing device, PrishanTeK will employ its expertise in Flash technology to embellish your website with dynamic interactive content.

The Flash option offers you:
Fully animated navigation
Mesmerizing visual effects
Fast-loading sound and animation
Content that fits any browser window regardless of screen resolution

In lieu of the Flash option (which requires a plug-in or an up-to-date browser to use) PrishanTeK can still ensure maximum traffic and click-rate at your site. Trust us to build you a spectacular website in HTML (which can vary from basic content viewable with any browser) to pages utilizing JavaScript, DHTML, ASP, PHP, MySQL etc.

PrishanTeK Gives You The Ultimate Online P.R.O.

With result-oriented websites planned, designed and executed to your specific requirements. This is a guarantee underwritten by extensive techno-commercial know-how, the highest level of customization expertise and uncompromising quality assurance parameters. We understand your need and are equipped to surpass your expectations (please click on the link provided below for just a few client testimonials).

PrishanTeK turns e-commerce visions into web realities.

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